About Us

The Thornhill School of Music has been serving the North Toronto and York Region communities since 1965, nurturing musical talent of all ages with highly qualified musical instruction. Our students enjoy the benefits of their musical skills throughout their lives and some have continued their studies at the university level and embarked on careers as professional musicians, composers, producers and educators.


Our aim is to expose students to a music experience which fires their natural sense of wonder and curiosity. To help them interpret their world in a meaningful, satisfying way; to awaken that sense of magic without which all expression is dull and lifeless. In striving for connection, we endeavor to provide a basis for a well rounded music education by exposure to a variety of styles and periods of music. A relaxed atmosphere, with positive reinforcement, makes students eager participants in solving challenging problems, regardless of technical abilities. Above all, we hope to provide through the pleasure and satisfaction of musical expression a wonderful enriching dimension to their lives.


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